Personalized Writing Pens

These beautiful, hand-made writing pens are a result of a combination of techniques, including joinery and turning on the lathe. The end product is a beautiful, completely unique piece that could be a wonderful personal gift for a loved one.

To see the full process, watch this outstanding video by Maker Andrew, who starts with a piece of debris and finishes with the beautiful work you see above.

To Remember:

  • Pen-turning requires a “pen blank” - the metal insert needed
  • A pen-drilling vice helps get clean centers for the blank
  • Sand your tube inserts for better adhesion
  • Insider tip: superglue makes an excellent surface finish
  • No lathe? Look to a local makerspace for tools and training!

Hey you. Yes you - if you’re inspired to try out making pens like Andrew, you should think about taking the next lathe workshop at the TTLMakerspace!

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