Trade Show Booth

Trade-shows are the kind of event where participants want to stand out with something unique.

This trade show booth was designed and created by Maker Marc, an industrial designer in the TTLMakerspace, for his client’s product display.

Designing and building a trade-show display comes with extra considerations. It has to be portable. It must be easy to assemble and disassemble. It likely needs to be shipped into place so weight is a strong consideration. It has to be safe, and durable because a lot of people may be gathering around. It has to represent the brand well, and be aesthetically interesting.

Given the investment they are making, clients want to be involved in the process and see a high-quality result. After all, it is going to represent them to both their peers in their industry, the public, and potential investors.

The CNC Mill in the TTLMakerspace is particularly well-suited to this kind of work for the precision it applies to any 3D modelled design. A lot of the client buy-in can be achieved before production begins with a pre-vis step that involves showing computer-rendered models of what the display will look like.

Still, no computer rendering can properly convey the actual physical materials that will be used. In this case, OSB was employed for several reasons. It is easily milled, reasonably rugged if framed correctly, and more light-weight for shipping than something like solid plywood. Some like the look of exposed OSB, but in this case branding consideration called for applying an exterior surface.

The treated OSB provides a nice backdrop for directing attention to that crisp, CNC cut logo, that stands out in sharp relief in the overhead lighting. Now that’s beautiful brand work.

TTLMakerspace takes commisions on custom work like this as one of our strategies for keeping costs down for members and providing good upkeep on all of the equipment. If you’d like to get an estimate on custom displays, signage, or anything else please feel free to visit the “commisions” page and reach out at “commisions” at “ttlmakerspace - dot - com”.

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