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3 Hole Face Shields

This is the third style of protective face shield being produced by the TTL Makers in the effort to assist Toronto health-care workers overcome a drastic shortage of personal protection gear. In this case, the hospital had in mind a design and submitted it to our group to evaluate whether production…

Comfort Bands

When you put on a mask you’re fighting COVID-19. Everyone has been encouraged to do it in Toronto. But for some people, namely our front-line health care workers the mask rarely comes off during the day. What can be mildly annoying, namely the straps, can become downright uncomfortable. The comfort…

Covid Intubation Box

An Essay on Typography by Eric Gill takes the reader back to the year 1930. The year when a conflict between two worlds came to its term. The machines of the industrial world finally took over the handicrafts.

Light Duty Face Shields

TTL Makerspace members are helping Toronto Hospitals fight COVID-19

Medium Duty Face Shields

Here in Toronto, at the time of this writing we are, like most of the world, dealing with the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the number of confirmed cases continued to grow, Prime Minister Trudeau put out a call for creative thinking to help relieve the desperate need for protective…

Sparkly-Blue Prussa Skin

When the RepRap movement began, the founders had a simple but profound idea - machines capable of making machines. It is a fascinating story that lead directly to the open-sourcing of 3D Printing and additive manufacturing as we know it today. But sometimes, it isn’t about making other machines. It…

CNC OSB Shop Organizer

One of the great passions in a shop, and paricularly in a community-based shop, is the pursuit of organization. When every tool has a home, and that home is just right - magic. This wall organizer was built and contributed by Nadim, an instructor for various adult and youth programs. Nadim proposed…

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