Accessibility Ramps w. StopGap

StopGap is one of the most active partners in the TTLMakerspace.

StopGap and team are headquarterd out of the Center for Social Innovation. Given their spot in the building, the people from StopGap are regularly found in the shop working away on accessibility ramps for hundreds of buildings in Toronto.

In our city, particularly in the downtown area, many of the buildings are old and predate the awareness of issues related to access and mobility. StopGap is quite literally removing the gap faced by people who rely on mobility devices. Yes, that includes people with special physical needs, but it also include people like mothers relying on strollers for their kids.

StopGap ramps allow smooth, problem free access to the entry points of buildings.

Every ramp is a custom build, made to the exact specifications of the building owner who requests it. The ramps are built to last through rough Canadian winters, and coated to provide adequate traction in all conditions. Given that they will see thousands of uses, they have to be constructed with solid materials, and attention to detail.

When StopGap relocated their production into the TTLMakerspace a year ago, the first consideration was to have a well-stocked shop capable of doing manufacture. But it hasn’t stopped there. At the TTLMakerspace, StopGap found a willing and enthusiastic group of dedicated Makers, and it wasn’t long before they were contributing on the creation of the ramps.

The space allows StopGap to achieve some of their other goals as well, such as spreading awareness about accessibility, and team building. They’ve been able to schedule educational workshops for elementary schools kids making mini-ramps. And companies that sponsor their work come in for “paint days” where they can get hands-on with the work they are supporting. It’s a great time, and a highly engaging way to build awareness of an important issue.

We are certainly pleased to have StopGap as one of our partners in the space, and proud to have the TTLMakerspace logo go out on the ramps made with care in our shop.

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