TTLMakerspace Policies and Procedures

We rely on a community of members that look out for each other's safety, respect others in the space, and appreciate the efforts of staff. We provide this handbook of policies to consult if there are specific questions about the logistics of working together in a shared space.

These policies and procedures are written in plain language to be as accessible as possible.

Storage Policy

TTLMakerspace has limited storage, so members are encouraged to bring such materials with them as they need to create projects, and take them home between work sessions.

For the convenience of members, some provisions have been made for temporary storage, with terms and conditions designed to allow all members to enjoy these features. All storage options at TTLMakerspace are subject to availability, and must be approved by staff.

The storage options include the Large Storage Rack, the Small Materials Cart, and the Storage Lockers.

The Large Storage Rack is for materials required for larger projects - materials that can not fit in storage lockers and can not easily be transported. Use of the Large Storage Rack is subject to a fee, and must be approved by staff. It is time-limited to no more than 30 days.

The Small Material Cart is for members that have a storage locker, but have some materials that are too small for the Large Storage Rack but won’t fit in their locker. This storage allows items to be kept overnight in the facility, up to a maximum of three days.

Storage lockers have a fee based on their designation as small, medium, or large and can be applied for online. They are suitable for such hand-tools and supplies as the member needs in creating projects in the makerspace.

Large Storage Rack Policy

The storage rack is available for members to store larger items and materials for a single project that can not fit into storage lockers, for a period of up to 30 days.

To use the storage rack you’ll need to check in with the TTL desk. We will record the day you are adding your materials to the rack and get you to label the items for easy identification.


Use of the Large Storage Rack is conditional upon approval by TTL.

The Large Storage Rack can be used for no more than 30 days, at which time materials need to be removed from the premises.

Upon removal of materials from the storage rack by a member, a period of 3 days must pass before the rack can be used again for storage by that member. This allows equal opportunity for all members to have a chance at building larger projects.

Any materials placed on the rack outside of approved storage will be removed at the discretion of TTL.

By storing materials on the Large Storage Rack, you agree to manage your storage, including being responsible for tracking your time remaining, and removal by 30 days.  TTL will not be responsible for any reminders regarding the duration of your storage period.

Q. What if I remove my materials early?

A.  If you remove your materials from the rack before 30 days, that space will become available for others on a first-come first-served basis. You will need to re-apply for any additional materials you wish to store.

Q. What if I need more than 30 days?

A. You will need to remove your materials from the large storage rack when your 30 day limit has expired for no less than 3 days, at which time you can apply to use storage again. This will be subject to availability and approval by TTL.

Q. Are there limits on how much I can store on the storage rack?

A. Yes. Staff reserve the right to limit your storage based on the needs of the community. It is best to work on a single project at a time, and leave as much of the rack free as possible for other members to be able to work on larger projects.

Q. Are there any restrictions on materials based on size?

A. Materials exceeding 8’ in length are not allowed to be stored. Small materials that can fit into a locker can not be kept on the rack, which is intended for large materials. Small materials should be taken home or stored in a locker.

Q. What happens if I don’t remove my materials by 30 days?

A. The materials will be removed by staff and disposed of. You may be billed a disposal fee.

Q. Can I use the Large Storage Rack if I have a locker?

A. You can, but storage on the large storage rack will be a separate charge, and is subject to availability.

Small Materials Cart Policy

The small materials cart is available on a first-come-first-served basis for members that have a storage locker, but are unable to place it in the locker due to an awkward shape or dimension.

Storage on the small materials cart can not exceed more than 3 days, after which materials must be removed for taking home or storage in a locker. Any materials placed on the small materials cart must be clearly labelled with the members name, and the date the materials were left on the cart.

Q. Do I need to have a storage locker if I am placing items on the small materials cart?

A. Yes, the cart is not a replacement for paying for storage. It is a provision for times when it is difficult or impossible to take the materials home between sessions.

Q. What happens if I leave my materials more than three days?

A. If your materials are on the cart more than three days they will be removed by staff, and may be subject to a disposal fee.

Q. What happens if the cart is full?

A. Availability on the cart is limited and is on a first-come first-served basis. It is not okay to obscure or damage other member’s materials, and at times if the cart is at capacity you may need to take your materials with you. Of course the best option is to store the materials in your locker if you are able to do so.

Q. Do lockers expire?

A. Lockers can be kept as long as required - they do not have the 30 day limit of the large storage rack. Should your membership expire, you are required to clear all materials from the premises. Only active members can have lockers.

Q. What happens if I store something on the small storage cart without having a locker?

A. Your materials can be removed at the discretion of staff, and you may be subject to a disposal fee.

Storage Locker Policy

Storage lockers are available to active members, and can be purchased as an addon through your online account.

Lockers are available in the following sizes and prices:

  • Small - $20/month

  • Medium - $35/month

  • Large - $50/month

Storage lockers are suitable for storage of such personal items, tools, and supplies as may be needed by the member in the normal course of using the makerspace.


No perishables, chemicals, flammable liquids, or other potentially harmful substances may be stored in the locker. TTL reserves the right to access and examine locker contents at any time, including moving locker contents as need be. Lockers must remain accessible to staff at all times.

Lockers are for active members only, and their contents must be cleared out should membership be discontinued either by the member or by TTL staff.

The door of the locker must be able to close without obstruction by the contents - nothing should be extended out of the locker.

Lockers must not be modified in any way without prior approval of staff.

The locker assigned to you is allocated by staff, members do not select their own locker location.

Q. How do I get a locker?

A. Lockers are available as an add-on option at your online account under membership > plan > change plan . The locker will be charged to your account on the same billing cycle as your membership.

Q. Can I upgrade/downgrade my locker?

A. Yes, you can do so online. While the billing will still follow the billing schedule for your membership, you must inform staff of your intention to switch your locker in order to check availability. Contents must be moved at the same time that the locker change is processed.

Q. What can I keep in my locker?

A. Small hand-tools, preferred supplies and such items as you use in making projects in the makerspace. The locker is not intended to be used for storing personal items unrelated to the makerspace, and staff reserve the right to examine locker contents for suitability.

Q. Can I decorate my locker?

A. No. Lockers are for the whole community, and you may be required to move from one locker to another at times. Therefore any modification of lockers is not allowed.

Q. If I stop my membership, can I keep my locker?

A. No, the locker must be evacuated by the last day of active membership as determined by your billing cycle. Anything remaining in the locker after that will be removed, and a disposal fee may apply.

Other Notes

No items, tools, materials or projects can be stored overnight on workbenches or anywhere outside of designated storage.

Personal Tool Policy

It is okay to bring in and use your own personal non-powered tools at TTLMakerspace, but they must be approved by staff and should be taken with you when you leave. In addition such tools should not be used by others in the space without the approval of TTLMakerspace. You are free to store your tools in a locker that you have rented under the terms of locker rental. 

As a reminder:

  • lockers must be kept accessible to TTLMakerspace staff at all times

  • if your membership is canceled/changed you must clear out the locker of all items before your membership ending date

Any personal tools left unattended, even momentarily, may be used by other members in the space, and neither the member nor TTLMakerspace will be accountable for any damage or alteration they make to the tool. We can also not be accountable for personal tools that go missing.

Sharing your tool:

Should you wish to share a tool in the space for use by others, thank you! There are two options available.

1. Donate the tool - in this case the tool becomes the property of TTLMakerspace

2. Apply to add the tool to the library

Library Administration of Tools

When your tool is added to the library, it can be borrowed by TTLMakerspace members who will check it out for use on-site and they can not remove the tool from the premises. Borrowing of the tool is administered at the discretion of TTLMakerspace staff, and TTLMakerspace will not be liable for any damages or modifications that occur with the tool.

Inclusion in the tool library for use by the membership is entirely at the discretion of TTLMakerspace, and you may be asked to take your tool(s) home if the tool is deemed to be a)inappropriate for the space, or b)replaced by a tool provided by TTLMakerspace.

If you are asked to take a tool home that you have added to the library for use in TTLMakerspace it must be removed within 30 days.

Should you wish to remove your tool from the library, you may do so without prior notice, and you will become responsible for taking it home.

Why is this policy in place?

1. Some tools have special training requirements

Certain tools that you may be very familiar with appear straightforward to use - but they are not covered in our certification programs. Someone else may experience problems you would not with using the items such as:

  • a 1/2” router bit that grabs much harder than 1/4” someone is used to

  • a portable laser that can easily blind someone

  • a special chisel that reacts very differently from what someone has trained on

  • a tool that is too expensive to be used by inexperienced members without supervision

2. Space management and organisation

When tools are part of the TTLMakerspace it is possible to have policies around the tool use that are good for everyone and balance access with liability. We can make decisions about what is allowed in the space that will suit everyone’s needs. Special tools that are used by only a few members take up space that may be needed more for other members needs. For this reason it is best that they are brought in, used, and removed afterwards. The next best solution is that they be placed in storage. However if they are useful for everyone donating them is a good idea. Lastly placing them in the tool library for use in the makerspace is a good way to see how useful the tool would be for the community.

Notes on Jigs, Forms, Organisers 

In the makerspace, jigs/forms of the kind used in securing materials for use with a tool are considered tools for the purpose of how they are handled. As such, they are required to be kept in personal storage lockers or removed from the premises.

If you wish to submit the jig for use by the community, you can apply to do so with TTL, and the decision on whether to retain the jig remains entirely at the discretion of staff.

In almost every case, jigs are used solely by the person who makes them, and they have a tendency to pile up taking up space, creating clutter and disorganisation.