Work With TTLMakerspace

What Kind of Partnerships are Available?

The TTLMakerspace is 3000 feet of space equipped with a full Woodshop, 3D Printers, Laser Cave, CNC Mill Room, and Workshop. The venue can be booked for individual special events, or we can host a course or workshop you wish to run over time.

In addition to workshops, the space is uniquely equipped for media creation, with a full bi-color lighting grid, high ceilings, and ample room for setting up gear. For any kind of DIY production, how-to video, or product demonstration TTLMakerspace is ideal. We've been the production space for HGTV,, and Gut&Grit along with our own in-house production.

Who Are Some of Your Partners?


HGTV produces scenes for multiple DIY series using the General Assembly area, the Woodshop, and the CNC Room. Their shows feature a host that teaches people how to improve their properties with some DIY magic. TTLMakerspace accommodates the full production team, host, and guests from one easily accessed location.

ALS Toronto

The Alzheimer's Society of Toronto runs a repeating workshop out of the TTL Makerspace, using the workshop, woodshop, and our complement of tools. This program, called "Men's Shed" welcomes people diagnosed in the early stages of dementia. The program is supervised by TTL-trained care workers, and helps participants get past the effects of isolation and depression by coming together to build projects.


StopGap is an organization whose mission is to make Toronto's building easily accessible to those with special needs. As a partner to the TTLMakerspace, StopGap produces their accessiblity ramps from our shop, and regularly hosts paint-days for their sponsors. In addition, they do instruction to raise awareness with young makers in our workshop.

Toronto Inuit Association

The Toronto Inuit Association uses the unique features of the TTLMakerspace for recording and showcasing traditional Inuit arts, such as the soapstone carving of a Quliq by elder Serapio.