Membership with TTLMakerspace

Members are the heart of the Makerspace, our main supporters, and the reason we do what we do. They come from all backgrounds, from highly experienced to brand-new to making. For all the details, and to find out if supporting the Makerspace with a membership is right for you, take a look at the FAQ below.

Ready to Join?

Here is a handy checklist:

  • Are you an occasional maker, or monthly?
  • Are you ready to manage your membership online?
  • Will you need storage?
  • Will you need any certifications?

Okay, ready to get making? Then come on in! You'll be very welcome at the TTLMakerspace.


What kind of memberships are available?

There are two kinds of memberships available. The first is the monthly membership, which costs $77/month and is billed automatically. There are no mimimum terms for the monthly membership - you can start or stop it any time you wish using your member login. Monthly members are a huge support to the Makerspace, providing the funds we need to keep all of the equipment in good working order, and ensure the space is accessible and safe for everyone.

The second kind of membership is the Community Membership. This is not billed automatically, but instead allows the member to purchase day-passes for $38. It is a good option for anyone who needs the space very occasionally. In addition to day-passes, Community Members are always welcome at the open community night, where any member can come work in the space from 5pm to 10pm. Community night happens weekly on Wednesday evenings. Many people start with a Community Membership, and switch to a Monthly Membership when they have a more invoved project.

What comes with membership?

For both Monthly Members and Day-pass holders, the Makerspace is available from 12pm to 10pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Membership gives access to the community, the space itself, and all of the hand-tools. For some of the larger tools, it is necessary to take a certification program before they can be used. Specifically the WoodShop (including table-saw, planer, joiner), the Epilog Laser Cutter, and the Omni CNC Mill require certification from a Makerspace instructor. Following certification, use of the Laser Cutter and the CNC Mill requires booking in advance using your online login, and carry a small fee as they are expensive tools to maintain.

Booking Fees per Equipment:

  • WoodShop: None
  • 3D Printers: None (pay by weight of print)
  • Epilog Laser Cutter: $10/hr
  • Omni CNC Mill: $25/hr

How do certifications work?

Certifications can be booked in advance and include both basic instruction to get you up and running, and a briefing on all the safety features involved in the operation of the equipment. WoodShop certification can be done in a single session. Certification on the Laser Cutter, as well as certification on the CNC Mill, both require a minimum of two sessions, followed by a hands-on test. Our goal is to get you comfortable and up and running quickly on the equipment. Following certification, you will be able to book the larger tools, and we are always on-hand to assist you.

Certification Fees

  • Woodshop Single Certification Session: $52
  • 3D Printer Intro and Certification: $45
  • Epilog Laser Cutter Introduction: $45
  • Omni CNC Mill Introductory Course: $240 (comes with a day-pass, and 2 hours booking)

Do you have storage and materials?

There is a limited amount of storage available to be reserved in the Makerspace in the form of small, medium, and large sized lockers. These are available with membership, and can be booked using your online login. Please note that all lockers must remain accessible at all times to TTLMakerspace staff, so if you require a lock we can provide you with one. Overnight storage of larger projects (for example a woodworking project that requires time for glue to dry) can be arranged.

Members usually supply their own materials. We keep a small supply of commonly needed items on-hand, and provide means for members to share materials they have finished with in making their projects. We can also help receive shipments.

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