Mandalorian Helmets

Lately, it’s been all Star Wars at the shop, and in particular it’s an invasion of Mandalorian troopers.

These amazing helmets started appearing after lead 3D Print Instructor Kyle showed off his technique of sicing and assembling the first helmet.

Mandalorian helmets, which are life-size and fully wearable, are too large to print in a standard desktop sized 3D printer, such as the Prussa Mark IV, or the Ender 3 that we have in the TTLMakerspace. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

The answer is to strategically divide the print up into logical pieces of a size that can be printed, then assemble them. This technique is somewhat time-intensive, and there is a strong possibility for error if you aren’t very careful. Each Mandalorian helmet would take a full week of printing time, and at least twice miscalculations resulted in pieces needing to be redone.

But the end result is stellar, don’t you think?

Mandalorian Helmet Custom

While the challenge with the first helmet was to properly divide up an existing model, the next challenge was to make a fully custom helmet, then divide, print, and assemble it.

The software used for modelling the helmet is Autodesk Fusion 360. In recent years, Autodesk has made huge strides in making their software more accessible to Makers - it’s popularity is growing every day. With the model ready to go, division to printable pieces is handled in the slicing program, in this case Slic3r.

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