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    TTL Makerspace is a place to learn, access resources and workspace, and grow as a creator. We provide an outstanding shop, online resources, and a rich community of creators who are very willing to help you achieve your dreams. From the traditional skills, right up to high-tech, there is something for every maker. Shop membership starts at $77/month.

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Learn about the Makerspace, the creator community there, and see inside the facilities. Come get inspired to create!

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Important C19 2021 Re-opening Update:

As per the province of Ontario's reopening plan, the TTLMakerspace is considered a non-essential and non-retail environment. As such, operation has resumed within the provincial guidelines. Members will be required to provide proof of vaccination, and wear masks.

What does "limited capacity" mean for the TTLMakerspace? With our redesign, it's good news! Read about it here.

We can not wait to see you!


Our shop is beautiful, bright, clean and well-equipped. Find out about our space and the tools available to members.

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We are all about education. See the full list of upcoming courses and training opportunities.



Our extended online community of Patrons helps us create content and resources for the whole community. Join us!

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Sharing is Better

A Makerspace has a unifying philosophy - that pooling resources together helps us all reach further and achieve more than any of us can on our own. By banding together, we get access to a better, more diverse set of tools and equipment. We build a richer ecosystem of support and knowledge. We inspire one another to dream, and reach for those dreams. 

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"Looking forward to getting started! Maker space looks inviting and full of possibilities, for projects and chats about methods etc! I'm passing on this enthusiasm to pals who like projects, too."

Claire, Occasional Maker