Thank You for Donating to Our Community!

IRBE is a registered Canadian Charity with a mission to provide training and access to a community of makers in Toronto. The TTLMakerspace provides the physical means to do so, and your donations go directly to helping enable our members and let us increase the quality of training we can offer.

Helical Jointer Blade - $600

Our jointer, made in 1970, is a powerful thing of beauty. It gets daily use and needs very sharp blades to work well. Carbide blades cost $200 per set - help us save money and waste by replacing our straight blade cutter with a Helical cutter for increased accuracy and much longer life.

Track Saw - FUNDED!!

The Festool Track Saw is an amazing addition to the TTLMakerspace and has quickly become a favorite among the members for it's accuracy and ease of use. We teamed it up with both 55" and 119" track for everything from cuttingboards to full sheets of stock.