Have a Skilled Maker Design/Build Your Project

TTLMakerspace runs a program that can match your project with a skilled Maker from our community who has the necessary expertise to design and build your project.

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CAD Design

Go from ideas and sketches to a developed CAD design capable of being produced by CNC milling, 3D printing, or Laser cutting.

CNC Milling

The Omni 1325 is a full industrial 4'x8' milling machine ideal for precision-cutting wood, MDF, acrylic, and plastics. The milling process produces a beautiful precision cut from CAD files that you supply, or that we can help you develop.

3D Printing

With 3D Printing, your design files become meshes, which are then sliced and turned into real solid objects by additive manufacturing. We can help produce your part throughout the process.

Vinyl Cutting

Produce crisp, stunning graphics for use in stickers, window-decals, signs, and billboards.

Custom Work

Perhaps your project calls for a combination of the services above or something else entirely. Our member work has been used in trade-show displays, interactive installations, restaurants, custom interiors, and much more. Contact us to talk about your needs.