CNC OSB Shop Organizer

One of the great passions in a shop, and paricularly in a community-based shop, is the pursuit of organization. When every tool has a home, and that home is just right - magic.

This wall organizer was built and contributed by Nadim, an instructor for various adult and youth programs. Nadim proposed replacing the jumbled pile of boxes that used to house the accessories for the router table, got the okay, then went straight into planning what you see in the images here. The result speaks for itself - bit that are arranged in a way that makes them easy to access. Perfect homes of all of the parts.

To achieve this precision, Nadim made use of the Omni CNC mill, which is fully capable of providing clean cuts in the OSB board used for the project. OSB is rugged, relatively inexpensive, and has a look that is pretty popular for shop organization.

The other benefit of using the CNC mill is that organizers can be easily modified and produced in multiple versions. It is easy to imagine a scenario where a single organizer is put up, then grows and expands with more modules until…organization everywhere!

At least that is the dream.

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