About TTLMakerspace

The TTLMakerspace is a well-equipped community center, where makers of all kinds come to work on projects, share information, participate in events, and learn valuable skills.


How did this place begin?

TTLMakerspace is a project of the IRBE, a charitable organization with the mission to provide access to shared resources for all. The makerspace provides access to skills, training, and equipment to people of all ages and interests.

We are located at 192 Spadina Ave, Toronto, in the Center for Social Innovation (CSI). As an active member in CSI, the TTLMakerspace participates in multiple events and initiatives with the organization. Many of our members use the facility to produce prototypes or gain skills that help them in their mission to better the planet.

How are you funded?

TTLMakerspace is entirely community-funded. About a third of our expenses are covered by our awesome maker-members who pay a monthly fee to help support the space. Another third comes from offering paid courses and training. And the last third comes from working with some partners that run initiative in the space, like the Alzheimer's Society, and StopGap.

That's right. We really are completely community funded - no subsidies of any kind. The TTLMakerspace is by makers, for makers.

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