3 Hole Face Shields

This is the third style of protective face shield being produced by the TTL Makers in the effort to assist Toronto health-care workers overcome a drastic shortage of personal protection gear.

In this case, the hospital had in mind a design and submitted it to our group to evaluate whether production would be possible. We were able to start making units within a day, thanks to new members that joined on and expanded our production capability.

Unique Feature

The unique aspect of this face shield design is that the mounting points for the transparent visor were specifically planned to work with a standard-size transparent sheet and be cut with a simple three-hole punch!

The result then is that while production numbers are not as high as with our light-duty stacking design, final assembly is quicker and easier. So depending on the conditions at the hospital we have two styles of shields, one of which should be ideal.

Having the design pre-approved by the hospital certainly sped up the process, and having the logistics already in place for distributing the work out through the network meant that our turn-around times were the fastest yet.

If you’d like to see a glimpse of how we distribute this work, while adhering carefully to safety protocols, take a look at this behind-the-scenes video.

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