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We are a non-profit community-driven initiative. We are looking for donations in the form of funding or materials. As a project of IRBE, the TTLMakerspace accepts charitable donations through

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Our Story

After COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic and the city of Toronto went into isolation a group of makers from the TTL Makerspace volunteered the use of their shop resources and expertise to help address shortages of PPE. We are a veteran industrial designer, a PHD engineering student, a software engineer and a 3D Printing Enthusiast.

While working in isolation the team gathered the printers and materials then downloaded popular open source face shield designs for evaluation. We started to prototype PPE equipment and shared these mockups to local hospitals modifying the designs based on invaluable feedback to better suit their needs. Further more we leaned on our own experience to improve the designs for functionality, comfort and production speed. In their first week the team assembled more than 200 pieces of PPE that have donated these to research facilities and hospitals. We are currently producing this amount per day in two different styles: One sterizable one for re-use and one that is single use. All current production is driven by specific requests from various hospitals in the GTA and all equipment we fabricate is donated.

The team also expanded beyond PPE and started to partner with local researchers to help their COVID-19 efforts, assisting with the rapid prototyping and production of ventilator parts for research/testing purposes and started fabricating intubation tables with our CNC Router.

COVID-19 Valve

What We Do

We are a non-profit community-driven initiative. We have created a decentralized hub that allows local makers and 3D printing enthusiasts to address the PPE needs for healthcare and essential service workers in our community. We are a small team of friends and enthusiasts passionate about problem-solving, design, and rapid prototyping. We use our expertise, experience and resources to make intelligent design decisions then to rapidly iterate based on feedback from real world trials.

  • 3D CAD Design and in-house prototyping of PPE for essential workers and health care facilities
  • Assembly and donation of PPE to sites in need across the GTA
  • Working with Toronto Hospitals to design and prototype new equipment and PPE for the COVID-19 crisis
COVID-19 Valve

Current and Future Items for fabrication.

All items produced are donated

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Kate Kazlovich

  • Ph.D. student - Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
  • Clinical Engineering Trainee at the International Centre for Surgical Safety, St. Michaels Hospital

James Wallace

  • Vice President of Technology - Bede Gaming Canada.
  • 10+ years of experience in Software Architecture and Agile Software Development
  • Shop Supervisor and Instructor at the TTL Makerspace

Marc Shu-Lutman

  • Industrial Designer with 25+ years of professional experience in design and fabrication
  • Shop Supervisor and Lead CNC and Laser Cutting program instructor at the TTL Makerspace

Kyle Myers

  • Head of 3D printing programming, and a youth instructor at the TTL Makerspace.
  • 6+ years teaching STEM education
  • Pre-Service Firefighting student at the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute.

Calling All Makers!

The Team is looking for more makers to join this initiative! We can provide you with materials, plans, and designs that hospitals and community services have requested to print. We can then organize pick-up and drop off.

Want To Help Out?

We are looking for donations in the form of funding or materials. As a project of IRBE, a registered charitable organization, donations to TTLMakerspace can be done via If you wish to support us, please visit the donation page. If you wish to donate materials, we are looking for 1.75mm PETG filament for 3D printers and/or plastic sheets made of: polycarbonate, propionate, acetate, PETG. All PPE we develop will be donated to health care facilities.

TTL Group

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